Zoom Car Rental Agreement

Mr. Arnab Bose, Ombudsman Appointed under the Information Technology Act, 2000 E-mail: grievanceofficer@zoomcar.com. In November 2013, Zoom, Uber and the Ashoka Foundation launched a month-long campaign in Bangalore called RideSmartBLR to promote car rentals and avoid drinking and driving for its health, economic and environmental benefits. [33] The vehicle and the models listed are the most used vehicles by our rental partners. We cannot guarantee that the manufacture or model of the rental vehicle is identical to the vehicle displayed on our website. All lease renewals must be made by phone or email 48 hours before the return time. A combination of online shares for long-term rental is not allowed. Once already in the rental agreement, online bookings for extensions are not taken into account. 7.3 The user is responsible for making his account information available and managed at Zoomcar, including details such as email number, mobile phone number, address and other information required for the purposes of this Agreement.

Proof of insurance coverage is mandatory To refuse our LDW packages and proof of insurance must be presented at the rental counter at the time of collection. We always mail you a copy of the invoices to the address you gave us. If, by chance, you did not receive your copy after a week of transaction, please contact us at info@zoomrentals.com Zoomcar is now one of the largest subscription car rental agencies in the country and, given the current situation, we can see exponential growth for companies like this, because people prefer personal mobility. Once you`re already renting, you can`t make any other reservations to make extensions. For any extension of the lease, you must contact the rental place directly. Proof of insurance coverage is mandatory To refuse our LDW packages and proof of insurance must be presented at the rental counter at the time of collection. Credit card insurance coverage does not have a third-party guarantee and a mandatory tax is levied. You can read your insurance certificate online to confirm insurance coverage. LDW Options: 1.Low Cost (LDW) Save money and still protect $2,000 Deductible: $16.99 USD/day Taxes. 2.Reduced Responsibility (LDW) $1000 Deductibility: $21.99/day tax. 3.Drivers Choice Minimum Responsibility $500 Deductible: $25.99 USD/day taxes. The only coverage for international drivers, underage drivers and Class 7 riders will be: LDW 25.99 USD/day (deductible of 2000 USD) 50 km free per station are included in all car rentals.

25 km free per station is included in all Sat-Sun moving car rental cars. THIS DOCUMENT IS A LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENT THAT WILL BE EFFECTIVE UPON YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE SAME (DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY IN ELECTRONIC FORM OR BY MEANS OF AN ELECTRONIC RECORD) AND WILL GOVERN TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR AVAILING ZOOMCARS AND THE USE OF THE SERVICES OFFERED THROUGH WEBSITE www.zoomcar.com AND MOBILE APPLICATION UNDER THE NAME AND STYLE OF `ZOOMCAR` 12.1 The user is subject to the royalty directive mentioned on the site (“Royalty Directive”). The Royalty Directive covers all costs, fees, penalties and expenses, including, but not limited to, rents, transportation per kilometre, damages, late fees, renewal fees, penalties, fines, etc. Travel is only permitted in Canada and the United States. Unlimited mileage allowed only for travel to Alberta. Local residents in Alberta are not entitled to unlimited miles. When the vehicle is travelling outside Alberta, the kilometres are 200 km per day, 1400 km/week or 3000 km/maximum contract. The local tenant`s mileage is limited to 200 km per day, 1400km/week – 3000k/monthly. Travel A Province or border crossing in the United States: the destination must be indicated at the time of the rental.