Virginia Settlement Agreements

1996-Davidson v. Davidson, Va. Ct. of Appeals, Unpublished, No. 1588-95-2The general provision of the real estate transaction agreement, which provided for the “mutual release and release” of “all means, claims, rights or claims on all grounds of law or fairness,” did not in itself function as a waiver of the wife`s right to seek divorce on the basis of adultery. Our unique approach to negotiating real estate agreements is based on creating a respectful environment that will allow you and your spouse to reach an agreement that is fair and that corresponds to their lives. We are pleased with the growing recognition we have received from our success in this area. Since 2015, Smith Strong, PLC has received four times as many positive reviews as any other family firm in Central Virginia on a neutral, independent third-party site. In addition, founder Van Smith was recently awarded as Super Lawyers Rising Star for 2014.

We can help you design, negotiate and verify a real estate transaction agreement that makes your divorce as painless as possible. While a real estate transaction contract is often the most effective and practical way to effect your divorce, it is necessary to recognize that these agreements have restrictions. You don`t automatically stop your marriage; the marriage is not legally terminated until the court has issued the divorce decree. This means that any romantic relationship with someone other than your spouse may be considered adultery prior to the granting of the divorce decree, unless your agreement expressly says otherwise. Agreements are enforceable only as contracts until they are included in the divorce decree. Once a real estate transaction contract has been concluded, its terms can be applied by not awarding the legal process. It is also particularly important to remember that these agreements are binding. They can be changed in certain situations, for example.

B for the adaptation of child care, but for the most part they cannot be changed at a later date. This means that you have to pay attention to each of the terms of the agreement and it is important to have a lawyer checked for you. CONSIDERING that we have all exercised good faith and have made fair, accurate and complete disclosure in all financial and wealth matters related to this matrimonial transaction agreement; This agreement establishes the agreement and agreement between the husband and wife with respect to the payment of war goods and finances and replaces all the prior discussions between us. No amendments or amendments to this Agreement, nor a waiver of the rights of this Agreement, take effect unless it is signed in writing by the party that is debited. Smith Strong`s lawyers are experienced in all facets of real estate agreements from the development to the negotiation, verification and finalization of the agreement. We see real estate comparison agreements as an opportunity for us to step out of our role as lawyers and become true family law artists, to find creative ways to solve problems and to forge unique arrangements tailored to your living conditions.