How To Turn Off Microsoft Office End User License Agreement

11.1.2 If ABBYY offers additional guarantees or express guarantees with the software, the benefits of this warranty or guarantee, in addition to your other rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law, do not replace them. To assert a right of guarantee, you must, at your own expense, return the SOFTWARE and the purchase document to the place where you received them or, if a return is not possible, provide the SOFTWARE for review by ABBYY or its representative. No claim applies under the warranty, unless the SOFTWARE has been checked by ABBYY in accordance with the warranty conditions and has been declared defective. If the software is considered defective (at ABBYY`s discretion), ABBYY has the right (at its sole discretion) to repair or replace the software. For more information on the warranty, please contact ABBYY PTY Ltd: `Citigroup Building` Level 13, 2 Park Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000 Australia, tel: `61 (02) 9004 7401; E-mail: 14.6.4 Microsoft technologies are licensed, not sold. This C.A. gives you only a few rights to use Microsoft technologies. Microsoft reserves all other rights. If the applicable law does not grant you other rights despite this restriction, you can only use Microsoft technologies under Microsoft`s licensing conditions and in that CAU.

In doing so, you must respect all the technical constraints in Microsoft technologies that only allow you to use them in a certain way. You are not allowed to do so: the additional terms of use of THE SOFTWARE on the basis of the subscription can be defined in a separate agreement between you and ABBYY or an ABBYY partner that you agree to before you purchase (buy) THE SOFTWARE on the basis of a subscription. 1.1 Subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA ABBYY, a limited and non-exclusive license for the installation and use of the SOFTWARE functionality, subject to all restrictions (restrictions) and the scope of the license, may be provided by this CAU, the software and/or hardware license keys provided by ABBYY (“Licence Key”), the SOFTWARE and/or a separate written agreement between you and ABBYY or an abbyy partner or the documentation of the purchase. In this case, the separate written agreement between you and the ABBYY partner must not exceed the scope of the separate license and/or agreement and/or the separate agreement and/or ABBYY.